What I learned from attending New Media Expo 2013 in Las Vegas!

New Media Expo 2013

New Media Expo 2013/ Blogworld

Last week I travelled from Germany to the US for the New Media Expo in Las Vegas. It is the world’s largest conference and trade show for bloggers, podcasters, web TV & video creators, and social business pros. I’d like to give you a summary of what I experienced and learned.

First of all: It was awesome. 3 days packed with great and useful presentations on all kind of topics around online platforms, lots of networking and a trade show with really useful stuff on latest technology and services.

It was my first time to attend this conference. I enjoyed meeting all the successful bloggers who I only knew from reading their blogs, listening to their podcasts or watching their videos on YouTube. I was blown away how easy it is to talk with them and how helpful and friendly everyone has been.

Furthermore, I met a lot of bloggers, podcasters and video creators with whom I have not been in contact before.


The conference was packed with presentations: 8 sessions were run in parallel. That made it difficult to choose. My selection was mainly towards getting to know more on podcasting.

These were the sessions I attended:



“Blog Monetization Overview: What are your options to make money with a blog?”

by David Risley

David gave great tips on how to earn money with your blog. What I like most on David is that he focuses on blogging as a business. He is not telling you that you can earn money online easily. David already helped me a lot with his Blog Transformation Challenge to improve my blog. It is a free of charge 30 day course I highly recommend.


Karin Hoegh, Mark Pentleton, Farnoosh Brock and Matthew Workmann

“How to effectivly communicate to a global audience”

by Karin Hoegh, Mark Pentleton, Farnoosh Brock and Matthew Workmann

That session was really helpful for me to understand what is important when you start a blog or podcast and want to focus on an international audience. If you live for instances in the US, don’t mention details of US politics without explaining them. Don’t assume that people outside know about it. The same is of course true for your own country/ region.

Cliff Ravenscraft: The Podcastanswerman

Cliff Ravenscraft: The Podcastanswerman

“How to market your podcast & grow your audience”

by Cliff Ravenscraft

Cliff is the Podcast Answer Man. If it comes to podcasting he is the guy to talk and listen to. In his presentation he stressed that knowing your audience is crucial for successful podcasting. People should not focus so much on the size of their audience but on getting to know and getting into touch with their audience. If you podcast: Be passionate, be enthusiastic, bring your authentic self and keep it positive!

The Virtual CEO

Chris Ducker

“45 things new media content creators can outsource to virtual assistants to help grow their business”

by Chris Ducker

I loved to listen to Chris’ useful presentation and to his UK accent. He is the guy you need to talk to when it comes to outsourcing and to build your brand online. I highly recommend his free 7 days bootcamp and his coaching! He helped me significantly finding my direction with my online platform.

Chris Ducker & Bernd Geropp

My interview with Chris Ducker

His presentation was packed with lots of useful tips on what you can outsource in your own business. I was amazed when he presented that 42 out of the 45 things you should outsource can be worked on by a General VA (virtual assistant). It showed me that I need to check this year what more I can outsource in my own business.

I was very happy that Chris spent some time with me on the next day after his presentation. I had the chance to make a video interview with him on entrepreneurship and leadership. You will not want to miss that. I’ll put the video on YouTube shortly.

Cesar Abeid

Cesar Abeid

“The benefits of being the first to podcast within your niche!”

by Cesar Abeid

Cesar gave a very useful presentation for people like me who think about starting to podcast. Often people do not start podcasting because they think the audience they want to focus on is not tech savvy enough to listen to and to download podcasts. He told us about podcasters who burn a few of their podcast sessions on CD and give the CD to their audience as a present. When doing this they tell them that they can get more sessions for free very easily. They explain then in detail how their audience will get the podcasts on their smart phone. Addionally, there is a video on the CD showing in detail how to do it.

Leslie Samuel

Leslie Samuel

“How to podcast as a pro and never edit – Say goodbye to post production!”

by Leslie Samuel

The session was very special: During his presentation Leslie recorded one of his podcast sessions and showed us all the preparation and processing he was doing. He focused that you need to have a strong statement in the beginning and that you should script the beginning and the end of your podcast. Most important is to be energetic, positive and enthusiastic when podcasting. It was great to see Leslie in action.

Pat Flynn

The Smart Passive Income – Pat Flynn

“Proven methods to use free in your business to get more traffic, more subscribers and more customers!”

by Pat Flynn

Pat built an amazing community and platform. He is well known for his transparency and honesty in the online marketing field. He teaches how to build a profitable online business by giving valuable free advice to his audience. In this presentation he talked about the strategy behind it and gave tips how to implement the free stuff strategy in different businesses. I highly recommend to read his blog and to listen to his podcast. I learned a lot from him and it was great to meet him in person on this conference.

Podcasts to listen to

Here is my selection of podcasts I am started to listen to regularly. They all are focused around leadership, entrepreneurship and/ or online marketing:

I recommend you check them out!

What podcasts are you listening to?


  • Bernd, thank you so much for attending my session and the mention.  Let me know if I can help you in any way!

    • Bernd Geropp

       Cesar, thanks a lot!

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  • tiroberts

    How exciting! It sure looks like you had a great time at the event and learned a lot. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us. 🙂


    •  Thanks Ti! Yes, I had a great time and I definitly plan to attend NMX next year again.

  • Bernd: Thanks for sharing your experiences from New Media Expo (former Blog World Expo). Have you seen my lists of small business podcasts on Small Business Trends? Are you planning to start a podcast? I wonder if you are interested in being my guest on my EGO podcast show on BlogTalkRadio?

    I look forward to meet Karin Hoegh at some point in time. She contacted me last year, discussing an upcoming panel on podcasting. I did my first podcast in 2006. This year I will focus very much to create a regular schedule of long interviews, mixed up with shorter solo podcasts, using tools like Soundcloud, Audioboo and JustSayin’.

  • Bernd – Great summary. I’ve been thinking of attending it sometime myself. Your post just helped push me further in that direction. 🙂

    •  Jenny, Thanks for your feedback. I can
      absolutely recommend to attend the conference. It would be great to meet
      you there next year.