COnsulting and Coaching with Dr. Bernd GeroppDo you feel that your company is not firing on all cylinders? But you do not know where to begin? All you want is to see the light at the end of the tunnel again!

I can help to re-align your business vision with your daily operation, and will support you and your team in developing a clear strategy and direction.

You’ve probably already made the experience yourself:

A strategy has no value if it does not get implemented.

I will therefore help to implement your strategy as well.


Do you have unmotivated employees? Are you annoyed by unreliable staff? I will show you what really matters in leadership and how to instill commitment and motivation into your employees.


I will not bore you with elaborate reports and strategy or marketing analyses. Instead, you will receive hands-on support to achieve your sales goals.

  • I will assist you in setting up powerful B-to-B sales structures.
  • I will show you how to successfully sell products and services into large companies.
  • I will help you to establish a global sales presence.

Due to my international sales experience and contacts, particularly with B-to-B distributors and trade structures, I know exactly what it means to expand a business internationally.