Coaching with Bernd GeroppAs an entrepreneur, you are under constant pressure to make well informed decisions. That is not easy.

Often, you work yourself into the ground with the operational end of the business, for example with administrative tasks and lengthy meetings. At times it may seem that you do not have enough time for reflection or not enough time to properly research important decisions, and, most critically: you cannot find enough time for yourself.

You shape your business but your business shapes you as well!

Therefore, you can only achieve sustainable developments and lasting changes if you work not only on your business but also on your personal development. I can support you with the latter as your coach.

Impetus for Change 

During coaching, you will decide what issues to work on, which solutions to develop, which ideas to pursue, and what your appetite is for achieving your objectives and changes.

I will support you mainly by challenging you, your strategies, your behaviour and your decisions. If needed, I am not shy to say what I would do. But the decision about what you will do, and which road to take is of course entirely yours.


If you are interested in a coach with longterm experience as an entrepreneur and manager in the industrial field, please contact me.

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