Want to be a leader? Turn off your phone!

Are you just a manager or are you a true leader? If you are a leader you are a people person. A leader encourages and rewards people. A leader pays attention to people.

Do you really give your employees undivided attention?
After watching this video you’ll know the answer!

Unmistakable Symptoms that you are not a leader- Part I

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Do you pay full attention?

Assume you have a meeting with one of your employees: Does your employee have your full undivided attention? What if your phone rings? Do you take the call during the conversation?

What’s your answer? A lot of managers respond:

“It depends who is calling and if it is important!”

Others say:

“No, of course not. I don’t take the call”

How does a true leader respond?

“My phone is never ringing when I am in a meeting with one of my employees. I will always turn it off. Calls are forwarded to my secretary. If it is really important she will let me know.”

How you handle phone calls in a conversation shows if you really are a leader. So, turn off your smartphone when you are in a conversation – always!

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