On leadership: My video interview with serial entrepreneur Chris Ducker!

Chris Ducker

Serial Entrepreneur Chris Ducker

Two weeks ago I attended the New Media Expo in Las Vegas. It was amazing and I learned a lot about online marketing and content creation (More info on my blog post here).

But even more important for me was to meet lots of great people there. I had the chance to interview serial entrepreneur Chris Ducker.

He runs four companies with more than 300 employees. In 2010 he started his project to become a “Virtual CEO”: During 12 months he developed from a 14 h/day workaholic CEO into a full time virtual CEO working only a few hours per week on his companies.

You don’t want to miss my interview with him. Watch it below. He talks in detail about his fascinating journey to become a virtual CEO.

Serial entrepreneur Chris Ducker

Born and raised in the UK Chris moved to the Philippines 12 years ago. There he started his first business on telemarketing. Today he is known as the guy to go to if it comes to outsourcing to the Philippines.

With his company Group Live2Sell Chris offers quality inbound call center services and Telemarketing services for B2B and B2C.

His company Virtual Staff Finder is a Virtual Assistant (VA) match-making company. His team helps entrepreneurs and business owners to find the best Filipino VA’s in the country. If you are looking for a part-time or full-time English speaking virtual assistant solution, this is where you need to go.

Chris also helps small business owners and entrepreneurs to start, run and grow their business in the 21st century. He strongly focuses on applying smart social media strategies and creating an online personal brand. Check out his website and blog: chrisducker.com.

My interview with Chris on leadership and more…

In the interview I pick his brain on leadership, entrepreneurship and personal branding. He shares his experience on how to become a virtual CEO and how he successfully manages 300+ employees – without being a great manager.

Without further due watch this short 2 min “teaser” video about Chris Ducker on leadership.

2 min Teaser Video

27 min full Video Interview

If you want to watch the full 25 min interview just click here:


In this video you’ll find out what Chris thinks on:

0:26 min
What has changed in the last years regarding the new 21 century? What is it entrepreneurs and leaders have to think about in the new economy?

2:00 min
Shift in marketing: It is not important if it is B2b or B2C. P2P is what you need to think of: People to people business!

4:00 min
“Your business is not sexy? You think Social Media does not work for you? Nonsense! It works in any industry!”

6:00 min
Chris talks on building a personal brand!

6:55 min
What does leadership mean to Chris Ducker?

8:40 min
“Honestly: I am not the best manager, but…”

9:45 min
Chris gives a great example on leadership: Basketball Magic Johnson!

10:40 min
Vision of Chris Ducker with his companies

13:15 min
Why and how Chris focuses very hard on his management team!

14:15 min
Why do people work for Chris?

15:35 min
One thing Chris will never do…

17:30 min
The 3 mistakes Chris made in his business in the last 3 years…

20:00 min
Chris talking on importance of podcasting in his business …

21:15 min
Chris talking on importance of videos in online marketing…

22:20 min
No.1 tip on how to stay focused: It is not coffee…

24:00 min
How did Chris manage to become the virtual CEO?

24:30 min
First step: Getting out of email-hell…

“It really comes down to goals!”

“You can even be in the exactly same industry. But because you are an individual, the way in which you market and grow your business is totally different. And that’s why some companies are more successful than others!”

What are your thoughts on leadership?