Why you should stop thinking you get paid for hard working!

football stars

Are football stars paid for their efforts?
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Lots of employees complain about the little money they earn. It is too less compared to the hard work and long working hours they put in every day. They feel they are treated unfair.

I believe that is a misconception. You are never paid for hard working or for your efforts, but you are paid for your impact – no matter if you are an entrepreneur or an employee!

Do you get paid by the hour?

Employees mostly believe their company pays their salary because they spend a good amount of time working for the company! But that is a wrong assumption!

I know what you want to say:

“But my contract of employment exactly describes that I get paid X amount of dollars per hour. I am paid for working per hour. So what’s wrong with that?”

It is the mindset which leads you into the wrong direction.

Why is your company paying you?

Your company doesn’t really want to pay you money for the time you are working.
In the end it is irrelevant for your company how long you are working.

In the end it is also irrelevant for your company how hard you are working. Only what matters is: The outcome, the impact your work has on the bottom line of your company’s business.

The more positive your impact on the business is perceived the more money you will get paid. Full stop! Therefore, you should change your mindset from working hard to working effectively towards what matters to the business – in the perception of your boss!

The same is true for an entrepreneur. Your clients will only pay for your impact, not for your efforts!

Football Stars

Take a football star in the Champion League. He is playing football, having lots of fun and for this he gets paid Millions of Dollars, right?

Wrong! He is not getting paid Millions of Dollars just for playing football. He is even not getting all these bucks because he plays football very well. He gets the money for winning games.

The management of the Champion League Team perceives that he has a big impact on the team for winning games. Only the teams earn big money who win games. That is why these football stars are highly paid. It’s their impact on helping the team earning money.

Is it important if the football star is practicing lots of hours and working out hard. No, not all – as long as he has a strong impact on winning the game, it’s irrelevant.

You are never paid for your efforts, but you are paid for your impact!

What does that mean  for you?

You need to change your mindset: If you want to earn more money, stop complaining and don’t try to work harder. But focus on working effectively and focus on having more impact.

Change how you work in your job or – if that is not possible – get another job: a job where you can work to have significant impact!

Money does not follow hard working, but money follows impact!

The more perceived impact you have the higher your payment will become!

Are you having a strong impact on your company’s business? Does your boss or your clients perceive your work as significant?

  • Hi Bernd,
    So true. Hence the phrase “Work smarter, not harder.” Thanks so much for sharing this with the BizSugar community!

    • Bernd Geropp

      Hi Heather,
      Thanks for your comment. “Work smarter, not harder.” Very true. Should have used this as the headline of the post 🙂

  • Miss Ledi

    Noted – thank you. More especially: Change how you work in your job or – if that is not possible – get another job: a job where you can work to have significant impact!