How to improve Leadership with only 1 min per day

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If you are a business leader you normally work long and hard.
Chances are high
that you spend lots of your time with daily operational business like:

  • administrative stuff
  • budget preparation
  • cost and risk management
  • analysis and control

Does that sound familiar? Well, then you are not alone. Lots of business leaders spend 90 % of their work time on these day-to-day operational tasks – 90 % of their time or sometimes even more!

Leaders should not waste their time

Isn’t that crazy? A business leader should not spend most of his time with these management tasks but should focus on leadership tasks. As a business leader you must

  • maintain a bird’s eye perspective
  • determine the direction of your business.
  • discuss, inform and inspire others about the direction and your vision of the company.

You need to spend more time on leadership

You certainly should spend more than 10 % of your time on leadership! As a leader you must think about the future of your company and interact with your employees.

As a business leader you must focus:

  • on people not on transactions.
  • on the future not on the past
  • on success and not on failures.

You must do both: lead and manage

Please don’t get me wrong:
Obviously, as a business manager you must do both: You must lead and manage.
But it is your job to maintain a bird’s eye perspective.
If you are not leading, who is?

How can I change?

You understand that you need to spend more time on leadership. But how can you change? How can you find more time for leadership?

Start with a small step

To get started you just need to do a small step. In fact, you only need to invest 1 Minute every day to start your change.

Only 1 Minute to become a better leader? Yes. It worked for me and it will work for you. I will tell you how and why.

Do you have a clear pictur on your time spent?

Before you change, you need to know where you are today! Do you know how much time you spend on leadership tasks today? Is it 20 % , 10 % or even less ?

Most managers – I know – just have a gut feeling about this number. They only have a vague idea. I bet you would overestimate how much time you really spend on leadership.

My solution for your 1st step towards better leadership

If you do not have a clear picture, it is difficult to change and know what to improve. My solution to that:

At the end of each day record

  • How many hours you have spent on that day on leadership and
  • How many hours you have spent on the other stuff.

That’s done in less than one minute, right?
Now the beauty of this is:

If you spend this minute per day, you will get 3 benefits:

  • You get a clear picture how much time you spend on leadership in average
  • You can set clear goals for your future leadership work
  • You force yourself to think about your leadership tasks at least once a day

Of course, you can write down your 2 numbers per day on paper but I suggest a better solution:


The Leadership-Check-Tool

Record the 2 numbers with my Leadership-Check-Tool. It is absolutely free of charge.

It is straightforward. You just type in the two numbers at the end of the day and you get an automatic feedback on how your doing on leadership per day, per month and per year.

It is an Excel tool. So you can run it easily on any PC which supports Excel. You can download it here:


Evaluate your time spent on leadership and management

With the Leadership-Check-Tool you can evaluate your time spent on leadership, visualize it and print it out.

This leadership-Check-Tool provides you with an overview of how many hours you worked per day, per month and year, and how much of that time is spent on leading and on managing.

With the leadership check tool you just need one minute at the end of your work day. One minute to get started improving your leadership.

How do you track your time
spent on leadership?

How do you take care
that you have enough time for leadership?