What makes a great business vision statement?

What is a great business vision statement?

What makes a great business Vision? Photo: kgtoh/ Resource: www.bigstock.com

You are most likely familiar with pseudo company visions, such as:

“We are looking for 20% market share!”

“We want above average growth at 15% EBIT margin”

This may well be important to the shareholder or the entrepreneur. But for customers, employees and the rest of the world, these statements carry no emotional meaning. They are simply boring.

Hardly anyone is inspired by helping someone else sock away money. Why would an employee put their heart and soul into such a thing?

What makes a well conceived vision?

Listen to some lousy and some great vision statements in my youtube video on business visions:

Successful entrepreneurs, such as Richard Branson or Steve Jobs live for real visions. They are or were not primarily driven by making money.

These entrepreneurs are in pursuit of other objectives and visions that are bigger than themselves. These are frequently visions that carry a social or ecological value for the rest of humanity.

Microsoft’s first vision

Microsoft’s revolutionary founding vision in 1975:

“Our vision is to a computer on every desk and in every home.”

probably only addressed a limited number of people back then. But they enthusiastically supported it. They were intrinsically motivated to contribute to this vision, which was viewed by people as socially relevant.

A true vision inspires

Or you might be thinking of an entrepreneur who is deeply committed to developing a cure for cancer. He will have little difficulty attracting employees who will wholeheartedly support him in his efforts.

When an entrepreneur strives to solve a meaningful problem that makes the world a better place, he will inspire other people. If they feel that the visions is important and useful, they will want to support him – as an employee, as a customer or as a supplier.

Examples of great visions:

“Our vision is to provide freedom and independence to people with limited mobility” Scooter

“Imagine a world in which every single person is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge” Wikipedia

Entrepreneurs with true visions

If an entrepreneur has a true vision then he is ultimately pursuing an objective that is larger than himself. He is not working to satisfy his ego.

“My work and this company are directed at accomplishing something of value for the world.”

As an aside, this does not mean that an entrepreneur is not permitted to make good money. To the contrary. In order to attain the purpose of the company, to achieve something of value for the world, he should and must make enough money to be satisfied and content.

Only then can he work on attaining the purpose. And if it is important to him to live in a beautiful home and drive a Porsche, then this is ok. The luxury then becomes the means to an end.

Solving a meaningful problem

A true vision shows that the entrepreneur or the company strive to solve a meaningful problem. It is not about money, it is about solving a problem which makes the world a better place.

So what ‘s your vision?
What problem is your company solving to make the world a better place?


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