Why this blog about leadership?

Bernd Geropp on leadershipEntrepreneurs and senior managers tend to work around the clock. Nevertheless, many of them have the feeling that they

  • are not getting all their work done and
  • loose track.

Many of them are intimately involved in daily operations but neglect their core duties. They work and manage hard, but take too little time for the real leadership tasks.

That is why I decided to write regularly on this blog about leadership for entrepreneurs and executive managers in B-to-B. Here you will find useful tips, news, interviews and comments about topics such as:

  • How to develop and implement strategies
  • How to lead employees
  • How to manage yourself.

Have fun and become more successful with “more leadership, less management”

Best Regards


On my other Blog: Mehr Führen, weniger Managen you get news and tips on leadership in German language.