Stay focused on your goals!

How to stay focused on your goals! Just say No!

If you want to be successful you must focus on goals, in business or personal affairs. I occasionally catch myself saying “yes” when I should have actually said “no”. This usually results in stress and unnecessary time pressure.

The following tips help me to handle opportunities, request and favors that are outside my area of focus.
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Top 10 Leadership mistakes you must avoid making

Leadership Mistakes you have to avoid making

In this post I share with you the WORST 10 leadership mistakes. Probably many of the mistakes will already be familiar to you. Perhaps you remember some of your own bosses who you had to endure.

But more importantly, think about whether you, as manager, have made these mistakes yourself. I have made a few of these mistakes as manager. The effects they can have on employee motivation can be devastating. Continue reading

Mastermind Groups


Just recently I attended my first Mastermind Group Session in London. One day in one room with 8 like minded entrepreneurs talking about our ideas and challenges in our business. If you are an entrepreneur I strongly recommend taking part in such a Mastermind Group.

I describe my experience with, the benefits of and some resources for Mastermind Groups in this post. Continue reading